How Foreign graduates apply in CIP

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Candidates from foreign countries can apply easily in the Punjab Residency program (Central induction) against 2% Quota seats for foreign nationals. Important: For this purpose, you must have passed FCPS-I or JCAT (Joint centralized admission test).

Q: I have done graduation from the Public institute of my country will I get 5 marks for the public institute?

A: You will not get 5 marks for this. (As per Jan 2019 Induction). Similarly, you cannot prefer your institute as the preferred institute

Q: I have done house job from Public Institute of my country; will I get 2.5 marks for the public institute?

A: You will not get 2.5 marks for this. (As per Jan 2019 Induction)

Q: Will I get marks for the distinctions and published research papers?

A: Yes, the maximum of two distinctions are counted in CIP and 2 published research papers are counted.

Q: Do I need PMDC for applying in Central Induction Policy?

A: Temporary PMDC is required. Refer to Pakistan Medical Commission Website for this. (

Q: Do I need a passport for applying?

A: Yes, you need a passport for the application purpose.
Q: Do I need a Pakistani Mobile Number for applying?

A: Yes, you need a Pakistani Mobile number for applying. When you register while applying, you will get your login info and credentials at this mobile number. You will also receive credentials through email.

Q: What are the extra documents required for application:

A: Passport* 1st and 2nd page, Embassy Certificate, Language Certificate, Police Certificate and Affidav (Documents with * are mandatory).

Q: If my application is rejected for some reason and I need to appear in the grievance committee. D. I have to appear physically or I can send anyone else on my behalf?

A: Physical presence of the candidate is a must. Committee will not accept any person on behalf of acts candidate. Grievance Committee details on our website

Q: How much time will I have after getting admissions?

A: You need to join it at earliest i.e. in 2 to 3 days. So, you keep your passport and Visa ready.

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