Convert Marks into GPA System – CIP

While applying for Punjab Residency Program (Central Induction), you need to enter marks for each
professional exam. If your institute/university has a GPA system, the following steps can help you in
converting GPA into marks.
1- Every university has given GPA formulae (against percentage and Grade) in the final transcript or
2- You can easily convert your grade/ GPA into percentage and then enter your marks in Punjab
residency portal or CIP calculator.
3- The following table shows last year GPA /Grade/ Percentage issued by Dow University of Health
Sciences Karachi. (yours might be different)

4-If you have a GPA of 3.4, your Grade is B+, then your percentage is in this range (67-69). As per
Punjab residency Program formulae, the lower percentage will be counted. (See marks conversion
manual on the official website of PRP). So 67 will be the percentage in your case. You will enter 67
marks in the obtained marks section and 100 marks in the total marks section.

5-What if you have two semesters in one year?: The answer is simple if in semester one you have
67 percent and in semester two you have 63 percent, you will enter 130 (67+63=130) is obtained and
200 in total marks section.

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