Central Induction Policy

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In order to get a residency in Govt. Institutes of Punjab, candidates need to apply in Punjab Residency Program (PRP) I Central Induction Policy (CIP). It’s an online process i.e. candidates need to fill the form online on the official website (http://prp.phtgop.pk/) of PRP. Foreign Candidates and candidates from provinces other than Punjab can also apply against fixed quota.

Table of Contents

  • Recent Induction (May-June 2021)
  • Seats Distribution
  • Merit Criteria
  • Policy Documents
  • Documents Required
  • CIP Calculator:
  • Must Read Articles
  • Results of Previous Inductions

Seats Distribution

  • S0% of the total seats for FCPS Candidates
  • 50% of the total seats for MD/MS/MDS Candidates
  • 93% seats are for Punjab
  • 6% seats are for other regions distributed as:
  • 2% seats are for foreign candidates
  • 2% seats for AJK, Gilgit, Islamabad
  • 2% seats for Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan
  • 1% for disabled candidates of Punjab Province (From the discipline of Anesthesia, Radiology & Pathology). Note: If you opt for disable Quota then you won’t be able to apply in any other quota/general quota.

Merit Criteria

The total aggregate will be 100 and the marks distributed as:

  • 40 marks for JCAT or FCPS part 1 exam. All the candidates who have passed FCPS One will get 30 marks out of forty. And JCAT candidates will get their marks according to their marks in JCAT.
  • 20 marks for Degree (Islamiat and Pak. Studies marks included)
  • 5 marks for research i.e. Maximum of 2 pieces of research are acceptable and 2.5 marks for each Marks will be given only for the published research paper. The first three authors will get the marks. (Give Reference DOI Links of the Journals. No Credit will be given if the DOI link fails to open up.) Research Journal to be listed in JCR and HJRS.
  • 20 marks for Experience and distinctions.
  • Maximum two distinctions are acceptable and 2 marks for each distinction.
  • Experience will be counted (if served for 3 or more months) (Note: Less than 3 months will not be counted).
  • 5 marks (for three months) will be awarded for BHU or RHC or Rural dispensary (up to 2 years counted).
  • 5 marks (for three months) will be awarded for THQ, Non-teaching DHQ, and Urban dispensary (up to 3 years and 4 months counted).
  • 1 mark (for three months) will be awarded for Tertiary Healthcare Level (up to 5 years counted).
  • In the case of an “Adhoc” appointment, a maximum gap of 7 days between two consecutive ad-hoc appointments in the same institute will be considered to count for the experience marks.
  • Marks will be awarded only to those who worked in Punjab. No marks will be awarded for the experience of tertiary care hospitals of other provinces or private hospitals.
  • 5 marks for house job from the govt. parent institution of Punjab. (Applicable for Jan. / July 2021 See Notice). If you are a Govt. graduate from Punjab and you have done a house job from another public institute of Punjab (not your parent institute) then you will get 2.5 marks only. If you are a private graduate of Punjab and you have done a house job from the public/private institute of Punjab then you will get 2.5 marks. See Notice). If you are a foreign graduate and you have done a house job from any public hospital of Punjab then you will get 2.5 marks only (see Notice: announced on 20th Jan. 2021). Note: Nothing is mentioned in the policy if you are graduated from a province other than Punjab, but you have done your house job in the public / private hospital of Punjab.
  • 5 marks for preferring your parent institute i.e. Institute of graduation/teaching hospital (From where MBBS/ BDS was done. This should be among Punjab Govt. Institute. Private Institutes are not included in )
  • 5 marks for the number of attempts in each professional during graduation or attempts made during PMDC exams. (In Jan. 2020 Induction, these marks were not awarded.)
  • (Important Note: If you are a foreign graduate and you have passed all the three steps of NEB in the first attempt then you will get 5 marks. If you passed even a single attempt in second or more attempts, then no marks will be awarded. See policy for this and this screenshot is taken from the portal in Jan. 2021 induction)