grievance committee in Central induction policy

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The grievance committee is the committee formed during the induction process of Punjab residency program (Central Induction); after the initial scrutiny of the applications and documents. Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to resolve the issues of candidates who were rejected or faced some kind of error during the initial scrutiny of applications and documents. Members: It usually consists of 3 to 5 people including members from specialized Healthcare… Read More »grievance committee in Central induction policy

Apply RTMC after FCPS-1

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RTMC (Research and Training Monitoring Cell) was created in 1991 with the primary objective of registered and monitored training of the postgraduate candidates of various specialties, working in different parts of Pakistan and abroad. Who will submit RTMC: Candidates who have been selected for training and they have been balloted ward and Supervisor. RT can not filled before induction/training Dates For submission for New Trainees It is submitted two times… Read More »Apply RTMC after FCPS-1

How Foreign graduates apply in CIP

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Candidates from foreign countries can apply easily in the Punjab Residency program (Central induction) against 2% Quota seats for foreign nationals. Important: For this purpose, you must have passed FCPS-I or JCAT (Joint centralized admission test). Q: I have done graduation from the Public institute of my country will I get 5 marks for the public institute? A: You will not get 5 marks for this. (As per Jan 2019… Read More »How Foreign graduates apply in CIP