fcps passing criteria

FCPS passing Criteria

Find passing criteria of FCPS-1 examination by cpsp

Passing Criteria of FCPS 1

CPSP is following scientific system of Analyzing the MCQs. The response of the candidates is statistically analyzed using chronbach’s formula. The coefficient alpha is calculated. items having poor reliability, or difficulty index less than or equal to zero and negative discriminatory index, are separated. Standard error of measurement is calculated and result is finalized.
Candidates having 75% correct answers are marked as successful.

75% aggregate is required to pass exam.
paper 1 -70% & paper 2 80%  aggregate is 75%

 (considering Cronbach’s alpha)

In short (for easy understanding*) not all questions carry equal marks.

For Example:

if Q1 is marked correct by 70 out of 100 students, those 70 students will be awarded 0.5 mark for it.

if Q2 is marked correct by only 5 out of 100 students, those 5 students will be awarded 2 mark for it.

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